Now and another time


Now and another time

Carin Gottlieb

En bok för alla människor som någon gång gått i en park.
Språk engelska. 

Sometimes I start thinking about Flora. She was a friend of mine, 
when I was about ten or twelve. She lived one floor up in a highrise 
buildning, near a long park. We did lots of fun things together. But 
what I remember best of all about her is something she did not do 
whith me but with someone else.

You cannot flick through this book. On the contrary, you are obliged 
to read slowly, tasting the ”collected words” and old fashioned 
macaroons, sensing the smell of staircases, wet clothes and newly
baked buns, imagining how real grown-ups live together even though
they are not happy and do not like it. We are invited along on Flora’s
eagerly anticipated dawn walk in newly fallen snow, towards “nowhere”
together with Sam, thinking about the marzipan lamp, roses and black-
currants, and simply being.
The events unfold slowly and indirectly. Written notes and chance
occurrences enable real human encounters. The book has a dreamy
atmosphere, tranquillity, expectancy, calm, and wistfulness.

Eva Bejhed, Bohusläningen, regional daily


Now and another time

Författare: Carin Gottlieb
Översättning: Paul Fischer 
ISBN 978-91-633-9148-4
Språk: engelska
Format: 110 x 175 mm
Antal sidor: 60
Pris: ca 65 kr


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